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IMPORTANT:  For existing and new clients of the marina, there are some new rules that have been put in place for the 2013 season.  Please carefully review all the rules listed below with your family.  Several of the new rules have been added to help ensure the security of your valuable property at the Rheault Bay Marina, while ensuring a great experience for all of our customers.

Rate Guidelines

1. Boat length is determined on the overall measured length not manufacturers' indicated length.

2.  One assigned, monitored car parking spot is included at no additional charge with your paid seasonal docking fee.

3.  Garbage disposal is included in the seasonal rate. This means a reasonable amount of household garbage and not larger items such as bed mattresses and tables etc. If you have such items the City of Kenora transfer station is set up to accept such material.
Garbage left on ground outside the bins attracts bears to our site which is a safety risk to all so please do not place garbage outside of the bins, and we ask the members kindly to replace the security clips after each use.

4. The free use of the boat launch is included for RBM clients only.  Clients are required to lock up the yellow boat launch gate after each use IF clients leave this gate open, they will forfeit their slip for the balance of the season and there will be no refunds on their fees. This area is now under video surveillance.

5. Clients are strictly prohibited from giving out the launch gate and door codes to non-RBM clients.  If it is determined that a client has improperly given access to these security measures, then the client will again forfeit their slip for the balance of the season and there will be no refunds.  License plates on cars and trucks entering the launch area are recorded by video.

6. There is a $30/per boat/per launch user fee for non-RBM clients. Non-clients can call our main phone number to arrange their boat launch or boat removal.

7. We provide monitored unassigned, guest parking for a fee of $10/day. Members who have guests wanting to use the guest parking are asked to text or email in the guest vehicle information.

8. There is now additional, assigned seasonal car parking for $150., based on availability.  We cannot guarantee that your second or third parking spot will be directly beside your existing parking spot.  However, all assigned parking is on the main lower level of the marina site, and all spots are located near the central boat launch area.

9. Secure summer and winter trailer storage is also available behind a fence and locked gate area at the upper level of the marina.

10. The marine reserves the right to request that anyone causing any disturbance to other members or neighbours to either refrain from doing so, or they will be required  to leave the property. We want everyone to enjoy staying at our marina.

Rheault Bay Marina P.O. Box 1009, Keewatin, Ontario, Canada P0X 1C0 Tel: 807-467-1003
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