We have created a brief overview of the Rheault Bay Marina's rules and additional services that are offered.

Boating Guidelines
We do not permit any wake inside or west of the white marker either coming or going.  Large waves cause movement at the docks and can create damage and pinched fingers.  Vessels MUST be completely off step while near the dock area.

We require that all of our clients maintain a reasonable cruising speed as they travel through the bay as a courtesy to other boaters and to local residents of the bay.

All of our clients are required to obey the boating and related regulations for Ontario as well as the Canada Shipping Act.

It is the responsibility of each boat owner or operator to ensure that their boat is tied properly and that it has boat fenders of a suitable size to ensure that damage will not occur. Also the boat should be covered and equipped with an automatic bilge pump.

The marina manager checks the boats daily as part of the regular security checks, but it is not the responsibility of the marina to make sure that the boat is properly equipped and secured.

Fueling of Boats 
For environmental reasons we request that boats  not be fueled with gas at the docks.

Garbage Drop Off
We accept household refuse only.  We do not accept, among other things, the remains of fresh fish as the smell will attract bears to the bins.  If the bins are full, they will be locked.  We always try to empty the bins as quickly as possible, however, do not leave refuse on the ground or atop the bin.  This creates problems with bears, birds and other wildlife making their way onto marina property and creates a hazard.

If you have refuse other than common household waste to dispose of, such as bed mattresses or tables or any other larger items etc., the City of Kenora Transfer station is able to accept these items.

Public Washrooms
In an effort to better service our customers, washrooms for men and women are available inside of our RBM Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse is for the strict use of RBM clients and their guests only and can be accessed with a door code which will change on a regular basis.  We make every effort to keep the facilities clean and would ask that our clients and their guests also keep them neat and tidy. 

We Are Pet Friendly
We have a large number of visitors who have pets coming and going at all times.   

Clients and their guests are required to keep their pets leashed at all times and pick up and dispose of your pet's droppings, to ensure a good experience for all members and their pets.

Pets are not allowed in the sandbox area which is located to the left side of the boat launch.  The sandbox is a play area for the children of our RBM clients so we want it to remain clean of litter and other refuse.

Unassigned, Guest Parking is Available
We recognize that most of our customers have guests and additional family members that spend time at their cottages and need a convenient place to park their car in a secure area.  In an effort to facilitate this, we will provide fee based daily parking on our premises.  Please text (807-467-1003)  or email info@rbmatlakeofthewoods.com  to arrange for a parking stall. 

Regretfully, because of the high volumes of traffic at our location and lack of space at peak times, vehicles that are parked without reporting will be towed at the owners' expense. 

** The fees that we collect for parking help us to improve our facilities each year.

Rheault Bay Marina P.O. Box 1009, Keewatin, Ontario, Canada P0X 1C0 Tel: 807-467-1003 info@rbmatlakeofthewoods.com
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