Rheault Bay Marina accepts all makes and models for winter storage if you have your own trailer, but if you do not have your own trailer and you want it blocked and stored for the winter then we will block boats up to 35 ft. in length.

Our services include:
hull cleaning
anti-freeze and fuel stabilizer
engine oil and filter changes
shrink wrap
blocking for those without a trailer
fibreglass and upholstery repairs
 and more....

Additional services requested will be performed by a third party licensed and fully insured mechanic.

Please contact us at 807-467-1003 or info@rbmatlakeofthewoods.com for more details on this service and pricing. 

We are looking forward to fullfilling your winter maintenance and storage requirements.  Your boat will be conveniently stored on the marina site and will be ready and in the water for you at the start of the new season or as required.

Rheault Bay Marina P.O. Box 1009, Keewatin, Ontario, Canada P0X 1C0 Tel: 807-467-1003 info@rbmatlakeofthewoods.com
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